Good design has long captivated me. Most of my career was spent working in the steel manufacturing industry producing and selling hundreds of thousands of products for the construction industry. As is often the case with mass-produced goods of a purely functional nature, the most important requirements were firstly that they were fit for purpose and secondly that they be as cheap as possible.

Designing something down to a cost is not an environment well-suited to someone who loves to create. I’ve learned that anything we dream up and create and give meaning to contains a small part of ourselves. Putting it out into the world is like bringing an offering and I consider it a privilege.

I firmly believe that simplicity & minimalism is the key to good design. Clean, honest and subtle pieces are my aim. Done well, these will transcend time and when all the current fads & fashions are long gone and forgotten, will still be relevant and, more importantly, significant.

My hope is to design pieces that are seen as such.

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